BALIK ESKWELA NANAMAN? #EasyLang yan with EasySoft Shoes!

BALIK ESKWELA NANAMAN? #EasyLang yan with EasySoft Shoes!

The final stretch of summer is fast fading, making way for that anticipated season: Back-to-School! Yes, Balik Eskwela nanaman! Now, if the thought of it sends shivers down your spine thinking about the chaos that could ensue with your kids’ school gear - fear not! Dahil with EasySoft, #EasyLang yan!


Brace yourselves for the all-weather shoes that will have your kids spinning in the rain and shining in the sun - EasySoft.


Turning the Spotlight on EasySoft

Kids will be kids, and we wouldn't have it any other way! Their curiosity and sense of adventure can now find a partner in EasySoft shoes. These kicks aren't just any old shoes, folks! They're your kid's ticket to be their unstoppable selves - a green light for them to go out, have fun, and not worry about the weather. And for you, awesome parents, panahon mo na ito to have well-deserved chance to chill and to breathe easy.




Making a Splash ngayong Balik Eskwela!

Now that we’re gearing up for the new school year… With EasySoft on your side, tackling those hectic Balik Eskwela days becomes a breeze. Remember, no matter what challenges come your way, just take a breath, and tell yourself, "#EasyLang yan with EasySoft." It's all about sailing smoothly through the school year with the ultimate superheroes of footwear – the DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, and WATERPROOF shoes.


Maputik na soccer field? #EasyLang. Biglaang sugod sa baha? #EasyLang. Siksikan habang nagco-commute? #EasyLang. EasySoft shoes are as waterproof, flexible, and durable as your children's spirit.



The All-Weather Shoes Parents Dream About

We know, dear parents, that in your secret superhero heart, you've wished for this… an all-weather shoes that can endure as much as your little ones. Now, imagine them coming home from school, their feet dry and snug, kahit ano man ang panahon!




It's Time for an Unstoppable Balik Eskwela

With Balik Eskwela fast approaching, EasySoft is here to make your prep a breeze. These DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, and WATERPROOF shoes will give your kids the protection they need to face any adventure that comes their way. Kaya #EasyLang! Let them play, let them explore, and let them create memories.

In this new school year, let's change the narrative, parents. Let your kids be their unstoppable selves. This is a season of exploration and discovery without worrying about the weather, the mess, or the wear and tear on their shoes. All thanks to EasySoft.


So, as the countdown to Balik Eskwela begins, remember, with EasySoft shoes, you can sit back, relax, and tell yourself, "#EasyLang." We're ready to face the all-weather adventures this school year - because even when the road gets tough, with EasySoft, the march must go on!


Here's to being unstoppable, rain or shine, throughout the school year and beyond.

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Don’t forget to use our official hashtag, #EasyLang. Dahil sa EasySoft, easy lang ang Balik Eskwela!


Written by: Veronica M. Manlulu